Guarani Tribes

The Timothy Center Mission Base (Foz do Iguacu) is our ministry hub where missionaries and leaders are trained and sent to build bridges of hope to unreached tribes in the amazon. These tribes are extremely vulnerable in that they lack the basic needs for survival. The Timothy Center identifies these needs and provides necessary supplies such as food, water, clothing, literature and other resources to gain trust with the Tribal leaders. This gives access to the community. After distributions we are given the opportunity to share WHY we have come. Our answer is ALWAYS the hope of Jesus. He is our motivation and our message. We are working with indigenous tribes of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. We currently have reached 27 tribes representing 3,240 Indigenous Indians. 25 tribes are asking for assistance, which represents another 3,000 that are unreached.
Over the years there have been more than 8000 water baptisms. In 2020 there were over 600 water baptisms alone. Below is a picture of the first witch doctor baptized!

Teaching the kids

We have given over 300 bibles away

Construction of a church building in Paraguay